Delivery to the Desired Address
Delivery to Billing Address

• In the online ordering process, the billing address is automatically accepted in the “Delivery address” step of the delivery address.
• Your information about the delivery address is included in the order confirmation you will receive by e-mail after completing your online order.
• If you have a delivery note, you can specify it by writing it in the special box that appears under the invoice/delivery address.
Delivery to Different Delivery Address
You can specify a different delivery address in the “Shipping address” order step. Billing and shipping addresses must be in the same country. Your delivery address information is included in the order confirmation you will receive by e-mail after completing your online order. If you do not have an email address, you can send the invoice to the billing address.
Unable to Find Recipient at the Delivery Address
If there is no one at the delivery address, the courier leaves you a note about it and then comes for the second time for delivery. Please contact the shipping company when you see the received note. If the courier company cannot reach you both times, it will send your product back to Muslumana.
The contracted cargo company, which carries out our order shipments, can deliver all over Turkey. However, it may be the case that product delivery cannot be made to villages, rural areas and places that cannot be reached by road. If you think that you may have problems in terms of cargo delivery, please write to us via the ‘CHAT’ screen or ‘CONTACT’ form on our site before ordering, or by calling the Customer Service phone number specified on our site only between 09:00 – 17:00 on weekdays, and the delivery will be made to your address. learn that it can’t be done. In such cases, your order is usually brought to the nearest settlement center and you are asked to come here and receive it.
Delivery Date and Order Tracking
Once your order has been confirmed and shipped, it will usually be delivered to your address within 1-3 business days. However, since cargo companies deliver to villages and distant counties on certain days of the week, this period should be considered as 7 working days. You can receive your order from the courier against signature by presenting a picture ID. If you are not at the delivery address, another person at the address can receive your order by presenting an ID. You can track your orders in the ‘ORDER TRACKING’ section on our website.
Delivery of Furniture and Oversized Products
Delivery with Horoz Logistics
Our large size products (furniture) are delivered by Horoz Logistics.
Service to your home
Make sure the dimensions of the parts ordered do not exceed the size of your stairs, elevators and doors so that the delivery can be accommodated. If you have any questions, please contact Muslumana customer service, who will gladly give you the product dimensions of the individual packages.
When does the delivery take place?
Deliveries take place during working hours on weekdays. No delivery on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.